I have worked with Jad over the past seven months, and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Agency partners in the creator space are often difficult to work with and move very slowly. Jad has always been the absolute exception to this trend; he always quickly delivers any content request and is very fast to respond to any edits I need.

Vibz also has a great network of talented creators and has an amazing relationship with each of them. I highly recommend Jad and VIBZ talent agency to fulfill any of your influencer needs!

Keegan Kinahan
The Plug

Vibz delivers consistent beautiful content and influencer collaborations across every platform.

With a large Rolodex of connections and a strong personal network, they have connections from many different genres in social media.

Vibz talent agency is also one of our favorite agencies to work with because not only are they extremely reliable, but they understand both our perspective as a brand and the perspective of the creator.

They know what kind of content we are looking for as a brand, how to locate the right creators for the brand and ensure quality across the collaboration.

Additionally, Vibz Talent Agency understands how social media functions and how to guide influencers in their creative processes to ensure success. All the content that has come from them has been consistently excellent, you are in great hands with Vibz!

Grace Goodman
Willa App

Working with Vibz Talent Agency has been a game-changer for my social media career. Their team of experts has helped me expand my network and connect with other influencers and brands, leading to some incredible collaborations and opportunities. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their social media career to the next level.

Jaylyn Handley
ASMR & Gaming Streams

I can't recommend Vibz Talent Agency enough. Their customized content creation services have helped me develop a cohesive brand identity and produce content that resonates with my audience. They're also always available for feedback and guidance, which has been crucial to my success as an influencer.

Michael Johnson
The Maverick

I've worked with a lot of agency partners in the past, but Vibz Talent Agency is the best of the best. Their team is lightning-fast and always delivers on content requests, no matter how specific my needs. They've been an invaluable support system for my social media career.

Katie Smith
The Dancer